Teaching Your Cat to Come to You When You Call

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Recall is something we normally associate with dogs. But teaching your cat to come to you when you call is something that is not only possible, and usually quite easy to do, but it can also be very useful.

1. Experiment to find the food treats that your cat most enjoys.

2. Get a few of his favourite food treats ready in your hand or pocket.

3. While he is in the same room and not too far away from you, make a specific sound to get his attention – you can use your voice and call his name, but remember that when you need to call him he may be some distance away so a more distinct and louder sound, such as a whistle may be better, although when the cat is close by keep the volume low or else you might frighten him away, rather than encourage him towards you.

4. As soon as he comes to you after you have made the sound, give him a tasty food treat or whatever he most enjoys, for some cats this may be being stroked or playing a game.

5. Repeat in different places around the house and at different times.

6. Bit by bit increase your distance from your cat so that eventually you can call him from one room to another.

7. Eventually when he hears the specific sound, he will learn to expect a treat from you, which should encourage him to come to you from wherever he is in the house.

8. If your cat is allowed outside, you can then start to use the ‘recall’ to call him indoors. Start when he is still quite close to home. Repeat a few times and then try calling him when he is a little further away.

9. Eventually, as long as he can hear you, you should be able to call him back indoors from wherever he is.

10. Initially he should get a treat every time he comes to you, but once he is starting to respond well each time, it is better that rewards are given intermittently rather than every time, and the quality and amount of the reward should also vary. This will keep him keen to respond whenever he hears you call.

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